"Only those who dare going too far can find out how far one can go" T.S.Eliot

Meat or Vegetable?


Most of the vegeterian belive that eating meat is cruelty, why? Because we have to kill pour animals for eating. They think that the animals who die for your dinner table die alone, in terror, in sadness and in pain. The killing is merciless and inhumane also they concern about the male chickens that are killed for their being able not to lay egges.They look at this subject in one aspect and they don’t consider other aspects.Some people keep animals to use them for providing food or clothes as others plant vegetables for eating and using it in variety kinds of food. We can’t say that we shouldn’t kill the animals for eating because the plants are alive like animals and picking them up is as killing them. If we want to mind about all the creatures so we shouldn’t cut trees to build houses or to make paper because trees have sense like us.


 If we want to like this we have to die of starvin because we have nothing to eat.We all know that the animals are not the same in their nature the same as human. We can never imagin a tiger or a lion to eat plants and also a lamb to kill other animals to eat meat. The human is the same. They are different in theire tastes and human is free to choose one or both of them. It is because of the rule of nature that creatures have to eat or should be eaten otherwise the nature is not fair.In most of the countries like Austrelia the economy is mainly based on nurturing animals like lamb and they export its meat to other countries and if one day all the people decide not to eat meat they become failure and does it really worth? For what reasonable reason? Because of their cruelty and inhumanity? And what about the people that earn their money by killing animals and selling meats to continue their life? Thus, if the reason for not eating meat is cruelty toward animals is not reasonable if we think realistically rather than sensibly about this subject.


Everyone is free to choose what he wants and nothing is abounded unless there is a true and convincing reason to prove the disadvantages of eating meat. 


4 Responses to “Meat or Vegetable?”

  1. If we want to mind about all the creatures so we shouldn’t cut trees to build houses or to make paper because trees have sense like us.

    Do you mean soul instead of sense?

  2. […] they think or believe in. There will be desputes and this led to the following questions from a post I read. In most of the countries like Austrelia Australia, the economy is mainly based on […]

  3. I don’t eat meat or poultry, although I do eat seafood (fish, shrimp…). I prefer not to eat animals that run away when they are hunted. Yes, I know, the fish run away; I am being hypocritical. I didn’t use to eat fish, either.

    I understand your argument that plants are also alive; however, I believe that animals suffer and feel pain and fear in a way that plants do not.

    If I were starving, I would probably eat meat. But since I am not starving, I choose to eat things that did not suffer and die so that I could eat them.

    I also believe that a person who kills and dresses an animal (hopefully, in a respectful way) has the right to eat it; however, I just buy it already packaged neatly in the grocery store. It doesn’t seem to be a piece of an animal when it is neatly packaged like that. I didn’t appreciate the animals’ sacrifice when I ate meat because of that, so I decided (when I was about 21 years old) that I would not eat meat any longer. It’s almost 40 years since I made that decision! I don’t regret it.

    You probably think I am crazy, but at least you believe that each person should be able to choose for himself or herself what to eat. I agree! Enjoy your meat, and I will enjoy my vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruit.

  4. Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. I must have been too objective when I posted it. However, I didn’t want any misunderstandings when there is already too many against vegetarians.

    Most would feel that eating meat would make us strong. That’s because meat takes a lot longer to digest and we don’t feel hungry that fast.

    Mindsets about being a vegetarian will be there. I have been one for a long time though not as long as you have. I don’t take any kind of meat, either red or white.

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